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Kapela 15th Anniversary Concert


 In 2000, the "Kapela Ludowa" or "Folk Band" was formed as a part of the Polish American Folk Dance Company under the direction of Mr. Andrzej Buczek. This Folk Band hosts a talented variety of professional musicians from accordion, to bass, to clarinet players, to vocalists and violinists. Our Kapela works along-side the Polish American Folk Dance Company performing with the dancers at concerts, festivals, and balls. It also composes and records Polish Folk songs for our choreographed dances. The Kapela Ludowa has performed with the likes of the Jimmy Stur Band, for elegant affairs at The Kosciuszko Foundation , and at informal venues such as the annual festival at Eisenhower Park.

Our Kapela Ludowa finished recording their second CD which is available now for a purchase. Kapela has celebrated the 15th Anniversary of its founding with a special concert on June 7th, 2015 at the Polish National Home in Greenpoint.

Our Kapela meets on regular basis, in the Polish heart of New York, Greenpoint. Requirements for joining this folk band are the ability to play an instrument, and a love of music. All are welcomed to join.


  • Andrzej Buczek
  • Oleh Dovban - Clarinet
  • Mieczyslaw Gubernat - Violin
  • Grzegorz Krepa - Accordian
  • Anna Pasternak – Violin
  • Radoslaw Strzelczyk – Trumpet
  • Bob White – Bass