• August 7, 2010

Queens Library Enrich Your Life

Polish American Folk Dance Company

Queens Library presents Polish American Folk Dance Company

Saturday, August 7, 2010
7:00pm - 8:00pm

41-17 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355


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About the Dances

The Kujawiak is one of the five Polish national dances. It hails from the
Kujawy region of Poland. The name “Kujawiak” was given to this stately dance in the
nineteenth century. From its inception the Kujawiak was designed to present its dancers
with a semblance of dignity. Devised as a deliberately slow-paced, informal dance
but danced to a three-count meter is what gives the Kujawiak its distinguished air.

This dance comes from the region located between the San River and the
Rostoczne Hills. Due to the sandy fields, this region was noted to be poorer,
and thus is reflected in the simpler costumes and characteristics of the dance.

Dances from Nowy Sacz/Tance Sadeckie
Dances from southeastern Poland provide ample opportunity for teasing and
flirting. Folk Band Music and Folk Songs: by our very own Polish Folk Band

Suita Slaska
A medley of captivating spmgs amd damces from the Upper Silesian region.
The most popular, the Trojak sequence, weaves a slow, dignified melody
with a livelier, vivacioua dance composition.

Skalne Podhale-Tance Goralskie/ The Highlanders’ Dances
The highlander’s music accompanies him throughout his life. From high in the
Carpathian Mountains and completely unlike any other traditional Polish dance
this routine features numerous acrobatic feats cleverly performed by the men
to impress the women, and the audience, including the characteristic axe leaping!

Dances from Opoczno/Tance Opoczynskie
Polka Tramblanka and Oberek Opoczynski danced in
the vivid striped woolen costumes of central Poland.

One of the national dances of Poland, also known as the walking dance. It impressed
French chronicler Jan Le Laboureur from the 17th century that he exclaimed
"I have never seen anything more dignified, more soft, nor more respectful !"

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Merit of Culture from Republic of Poland

The Polish American Folk Dance Company (PAFDC) proudly received the recognition of Merit of Culture from the Republic of Poland for promoting Polish folk culture in the United States.

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Repertoire and Costumes

PAFDC has a repertoire in excess of 25 folk dance suites from different regions of Poland and owns over 600 individual costumes. See current list of repertoire and some photos of our beautiful costumes.
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PAFDC's performances are made possible, in part, with public funds
from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Materials for the Arts

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