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PAFDC Children's Group

The Polish American Folk Dance Company Children's group is being led by Diana Chroscielewski. The guiding principle of the children’s ensemble is to instill, from an early age, an admiration of Polish folklore that will allow the children to embrace with pride the rich cultural heritage of Poland. Children as young as 4 years of age are instructed in basic folk dance steps, authentic dances, and traditional folk songs. The current repertoire includes the Krakowiak, the Polonez, dances from the Slask and Lublin regions and several folk songs.

In 2007 the children were filmed for the soon-to-be-opened, permanent “World Brooklyn” exhibit at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Moreover, in the mere four years since the group’s inception, the children have had the privilege of being instructed on 3 separate occasions by members of the world-renowned “Mazowsze” song and dance ensemble. Several dances in the current program have been choreographed by these professional Polish folk dancers.

We welcome all children eager to learn the beautiful, melodic traditional Polish folk songs and dances in a disciplined, fun environment. Children meet at 5:30pm each Friday evening from September through June. Check our schedule for specific information on dates.